"Il mondo di Veronica"

"Il mondo di Veronica" is an interactive eBook which tells the story of Veronica meeting Michael, an American guy, on the plane as she returns to Cagliari and includes all of the grammar in the A1 (Elementary) level as well as helping you to develop your listening skills and increase your vocabulary.

It is ideal for beginners who haven't learnt Italian before and also for those who may have a higher level but have never properly studied the basic grammar. 

There are 16 units with 150 pages in which you will find:

  • comic strips which tell Veronica's story
  • downloadable audio files to help you improve your pronunciation
  • grammar charts
  • vocabulary sections
  • interactive exercises
  • exam and final certificate

How this course will help you

  • Learn in a comic book format

    Reading the adventures of Veronica in comic book form makes learning easier and more fun. It will help you to memorise new words better and to understand in which situations to use them.

  • Improve your pronunciation

    In every unit there is an audio file which corresponds to the action in the comic strip, giving you the chance to listen and repeat and improve your pronunciation.

  • Check that you have understood every unit

    At the end of every unit you will find exercises which will help you check that you have understood the grammar and vocabulary. At the end of the course there is an exam and you will get a certificate which you can print and share on social media.

Course Contents


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