Veronica's World - Elementary (A1)

In this course, while Veronica goes about her daily activities in Cagliari with her family and friends, you will learn the A1 (Elementary) level.

It is ideal for beginners who haven't learned Italian before and also for those who have never properly studied the elementary level grammar. 

  • 16 units

    Each unit covers a different elementary grammar topic, from how to introduce yourself, to how to tell the time, to how to order things in a shop, and much more.

  • Tests at the end of each unit

    Check that you have understood the lessons with tests at the end of each unit.

  • Downloadable audio

    MP3 downloads included so you can listen to the lessons anytime anywhere.

  • Final exam and certificate

    Do all the course, pass the tests and the final exam and you will get a certificate which you can download and/or print and post on sites such as LinkedIn.

Start learning now!