• Can you really teach me Italian online?

    Yes, we can! One World has taught thousands of students Italian both in our school in Cagliari; free online with our resource site oneworlditaliano.com and our YouTube channel Oneworlditaliano and now here on One World Online School. With our videos, printable handouts and progress tests you will improve your listening skills, vocabulary and grammar. You are learning with a qualified, experienced Italian teacher and a school with 17 years of experience of teaching Italian online and in class. You are in good hands!

  • How does the subscription course work?

    There are 3 subscription courses - elementary, intermediate and advanced. As soon as you enrol on a course, you will have access to all the material on the platform for the level you enrol on. Every month you will receive new lessons.

  • How is this different to Veronica's Youtube course?

    First of all the main structure of the course is the same. Veronica introduces the lessons with a fun introduction in which she acts out a situation, followed by a grammatical explanation of a certain topic. But while previously Veronica's videos were made in her kitchen and the audio was very echoy we have now created a soundproof studio in our school used exclusively for recording videos for this platform and the sound is MUCH better. The second difference is the graphics. Veronica would be the first to admit that she is not the most organised person in the world and her writing is not the easiest to read! We have replaced her whiteboard with written graphics which clearly highlight the grammatical point which Veronica is explaining. In short, the videos are now professionally made and the learning experience has been greatly improved as a result. Another major difference is the frequency of the videos. Veronica made her videos when she wasn't teaching in the school and so sometimes she had time to make maybe 2 videos a week and other times 1 every 2 months. Now Veronica is dedicated full-time to making courses for this platform and every month a series of videos is released. Another new feature is the PDF printouts. Our new courses include a printable grammar explanation and another with useful voacbulary and expressions. Another important difference is the exercises at the end of every lesson. Have you really understood the lesson? A further difference is the vocabulary section which Veronica has added to her videos where she explains certain expressions, idioms and proverbs. Another difference is for the complete courses (for now the B2.1 Upper Intermediate course), when you have completed all the course you will have an official course completion certificate. YouTube is great to get you to start your Italian learning. One World Online School is for you if you want to learn Italian seriously!

  • Can I change levels if it is too easy or too hard for me?

    Yes you can change levels whenever you want. Send us an email to support@oneworldonlineschool.com with your request.

  • I'm interested in enrolling on a subscription course but I would like to try it out first. Do you offer a trial?

    Yes, we do. Your first month of a subscription course is free and you can make use of all the material. After the first month you will be charged 12 euros a month. You can cancel when you want.

  • If I subscribe for a year do I get any benefits?

    Yes, you do! First of all you pay 120 euros for 12 months instead of 144 euros, so you get 2 months free. And if you want to learn Italian in Italy, with our "One Year with One World" course, by enrolling on a year's online course you get 20% off a course at our school in Cagliari, Sardinia. So for a 2 week Standard course of 40 hours in our school you pay 90 euros less (meaning that you pay just 30 euros for a year's online course!)

  • I don't have a credit card or Pay Pal. How can I pay?

    You can pay by bank transfer. These are our bank details: Account name: The One World Language Centre Name of bank: Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Via Roma 9, Cagliari IBAN: IT31P0103004803000003756083 BIC/SWIFT: PASCITM1CA3