One World for Institutions

One World for Institutions gives access to our platform to schools, language schools, universities, businesses and other institutions so they can use it to teach Italian and English. It can be used as a stand-alone learning platform or it can be incorporated into an existing programme. 

Why our platform is right for your institute

  • Courses for all levels

    Our courses develop students' grammar, vocabulary, listening skills and knowledge of the country. There are courses from A1 (elementary) to C1 (advanced) based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. There are progress tests after every unit and exams and certificates at the end of every course.

  • Interaction

    Students and teachers can download and upload files and interact with each other on specially dedicated pages and live lessons can take place on Zoom or other video conference solutions. Students' progress can be followed at all times.

  • Experts in the field

    Our school has been teaching foreign languages for 20 years. The video courses are professionally made with Veronica Altana, the teacher for the Italian courses, and Michael Pett, the teacher for the English courses. There is a good chance that students have already learnt with us on our various social channels.

  • Save money

    The price of access to all these services for 1 year is more or less the price of a student's book and workbook for a normal classroom based course. You can use our courses independently, without a teacher if you choose, or combined with your existing programme. And, in these uncertain times, you have the certainty that students can work efficiently from home.

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